Changes in EU data protection regulation caused needs for change in how our customer processes personal data, specifically using their customer's contact details for marketing. Based on the regulation a consumer has a right to deny direct marketing (opt-out) and on the other hand electronic marketing always requires a pre-given consent (opt-in) from the customer. The customer data and related opt-in and opt-out data was stored and processed in different legacy systems. In order to marketing that would be efficient, customer-friendly and compliant with regulation our customer needed changes in customer data management, opt-in/opt-out data management and in related systems, interfaces and processes.


The current state along with the changes needed were analysed together with our customer stakeholders. Service design approach was used to plan the solution from customers point of view. Why would the customer wish to opt-in for electronic marketing? In what channels and how would the customer wish to manage the selections related to marketing? How can we present the fragmented marketing opt-in/opt-out data to customers in simple, informative and easily updateable format?

The solution was built in co-operation with our customer's marketing team in order to ensure the selected models would last time and comply with future needs based on the customer's marketing strategy. Also people working in the customer front were consulted in order to understand their challenges with the as-is solution and to get feedback on the to-be solution.

As an end result a centralized system and processes to manage opt-in/opt-out data was developed. The solution is also flexible to adapt in possible future changes required by the marketing function or regulators.